If you follow us on social media or read our blog, you might have noticed that family is important to us here at Associated Crafts/Willet Hauser. We consider our team a family – and our team’s family is an extension of this great big wonderful stained glass studio family of ours!

We wanted to take a moment to thank the many amazing fathers at Associated Crafts/Willet Hauser – you are so appreciated here! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this beautiful craft!

This past week we had the opportunity to interview six studio fathers. We asked each one what fatherhood means to him and asked them to share a little bit about life as a dad with us. We invite you to read all of the features on our Facebook page!

One of those fathers is Crosby Willet. Crosby practically grew up in the studio and is a former studio president and is a third-generation Willet. He is the grandson of our studio founder William Willet and the son of Henry Lee Willet. He has been instrumental in many of our past commissions and the studio wouldn’t be the same without him!

When asked about fatherhood Crosby wrote, “First, I thought about my late father, who was an amazing stained glass designer and colorist, who was my primary inspiration and mentor; second, I thought about my four children, whom I know will all check-in on Sunday, and I’ll find out how they are aging and how their families have grown. My oldest boy Bill will be 70 in July, his son, Jacob is 40, and just became the father of a son, Theodore, making me and Gussie great grandparents for the first time, very exciting!”

Congratulations Crosby!!!

The Willet Family at the grand opening of the Willet Studio in Chestnut Hill, PA, 1960. From left to right (top): Crosby Willet, sister Zoe, wife Gussie, sister Ann, (bottom): Father Henry Lee Willet, daughter Nancy and mother Muriel)

Finally, from our families to yours – Happy Father’s Day!!!