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In order to attract and retain the most talented team, we offer benefits that are incomparable. We understand that employees work with businesses where they feel most valued.

Many employees have a vested interest in the company’s success and the quality of the projects due to an innovative incentive system. We partner with a human resources benefits company that offers healthcare and various assistance programs well above the industry standards.

We are proud to say that we have a very high retention rate of talent in our company. With constant business growth, we are often looking to hire new team members.

We are proud to announce that we have been nominated as one of America’s best places to work in 2019

Career Opportunities

Work with talented people who bring new ideas and creative enthusiasm to their workplace everyday.

Apprenticeship Program

Multi-year program features several major areas of study including studio work, field work, and Design Work.

Our Talented Team

Our Sales Team

Troy Henning

Troy’s Bio is COMING SOON!  Here you will learn more about where Troy is from, what he specializes in, what his background is in, and how he can help you on your stained glass journey!

Kathy Jordan

Kathy has been in the stained glass industry for 35 years, she has been a studio owner, consultant, designer, and vitreous paint conservator.   She has studied with notable leaders in the industry and is regarded as one of the top glass painters in the country.   She has also taught mastery-level glass painting for 25 years.

Pam Hamre

Pam is the Office Manager at Associated Crafts & Willet Hauser and has been employed with them for 35+ years.  She enjoys assisting clients with their administrative stained glass needs. Pam calls southern Minnesota home and appreciates its beauty and four seasons.

John Bianco

John brings over a decade of sales experience and several years in the construction industry to ACWH. He is passionate about helping customers and brings a positive approach to each day. John lives in the historic coastal town of East Greenwich, Rhode Island(est 1677) with his wife Stephanie.
Troy HenningVP of National Sales
Kathy JordanDirector of Art Development
Pam HamreOffice Manager
John BiancoSales Consultant

Mark Davidson

Mark’s Bio is COMING SOON!  Here you will learn more about where Mark is from, what he specializes in, what his background is in, and how he can help you on your stained glass journey!

Chris Hazzard

I am located in Ames, Iowa and I am the Studio Consultant for the heart of the Midwest here at Associated Crafts & Willet Hauser. I am a retired college athlete and a big sports fan. Go Pack Go!

Justin Headley

Justin and his wife have been married for almost 21 years and live in Utah with their 3 kids. Justin loves trail running, basketball, ping pong, and country music. He is pretty easygoing, loves to laugh, and makes new friends. He looks forward to getting to know you and help you with your stained glass needs!

Tim Hudson

I pride myself on helping our customers find the right solutions for their situation!  I have specialized in sales & customer service for over 34 years and stained glass for over 13 years. Originally from Michigan, but have called Arizona home for the last 22 years with my wife and our 3 grown children.
Mark DavidsonSales Consultant
Chris HazzardSales Consultant
Justin HeadleySales Consultant
Tim HudsonSales Consultant

Robert Lennox

Bio for Robert COMING SOON! Here you will learn more about where Robert is from, what he specializes in, what his background is in, and how he can help you on your stained glass journey!

John McCurry

Born in Philadelphia and raised in the suburbs, I have been a Pennsylvanian all my life. With over 25 years of experience in technology, consulting, and teaching, I love applying my consultative selling skills and teaching background to educate my customers to create an experience for them!

Sean McDonnell

Sean just moved with his family to Star, ID from Corona, CA. He’s been married for 10 years now and has 2 kids, a 9-year-old daughter, and a 7-year-old son.  In his spare time, he enjoys a nice game of golf, his kid’s soccer practice, games, and tournaments.

Reed Oliver

I find it a privilege to use my 42 years of industry experience to inform clients of the simplicities & intricacies of this medium.   To be able to meet & interact with people that are passionate about their stained glass and to offer guidance for the preservation of these treasures brings me satisfaction!
Robert LennoxSales Consultant
John McCurrySales Consultant
Sean McDonnellSales Consultant
Reed OliverSales Consultant

Lisa J Smith

Lisa is originally from Detroit, MI and now residing in Las Vegas, NV, she has 2 adult kids and one grandchild. Lisa has been in sales for some time and is also a life coach, working with clients all over the world.  She has 2 published books and for fun, she likes to explore new places, hike, travel, and spend time with family.

Karlene Wieland

With over 20 years of marketing experience, I consider myself a builder and an advocate of the consumer’s voice.   After leaving corporate America, I launched my own firm in the pet industry.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, friends, and furry family.

Scott Vanderbeck

I live in Manakin Sabot, VA, a suburb west of Richmond with my lovely wife, daughter, son, and beagle Cocoa!  My background is in orthopedic medical device sales, and I am now the sales consultant ACWH for the Virginia area and am here to assist you in any way I can.
Lisa J SmithSales Consultant
Karlene WielandSales Consultant
Scott VanderbeckSales Consultant

Our Art Team

Melissa Janda

Melissa brings nearly 30 years of stained glass experience to ACWH, with her specialty being glass painting, design, and restoration work.  Her professional experience with glass has spanned several studios in Chicago and Milwaukee, as well as stints in self-employment and subcontracting.

Judson Portzer

Judson was raised in Alabama and has been a glass painter for over 20 years.  Even as a child he showed immense talent in art, so he decided to turn it into a career.  After working for a few smaller studios, as well as being self-employed, Judson joined the ACWH team!
Melissa JandaArt Department Manager
Judson PortzerGlass Painter

Our Design Team

Jonathan Mayer

Jonathan was raised on classical music and Nebraska sweet corn. His background as a liturgical artist, illustrator, and educator dovetails very well with realizing sacred stories in stained glass.

Mark Bleakley

Mark has worked professionally in several stained glass studios for more than 20 years, designing hundreds of windows and multiple whole church interiors. As a parish priest, his passion is to help churches convey the great stories of Faith to the next generations in the life of the Liturgy.

Marcus Thomas

Marcus’ Bio COMING SOON!

Hannah Baumgardt

Hannah is part of the design team at the Winona studio. She enjoys doing all things artistic and dreams of one day owning a dragon. But she’d settle for a dog, too.
Jonathan MayerDesign Department Manager
Mark BleakleyStudio Designer
Marcus ThomasStudio Designer
Hannah BaumgardtStudio Assistant Designer

Our Studio Team

Casey Deakman

Casey hails from Chandler, AZ and started his stained glass journey back in 2014 as a Field Apprentice.  He was promoted to Project Manger in the Field for a few years before landing the Manager role of the Studio in Winona, MN.  His favorite part of the job is that he gets to learn and grow every single day!

Cassandra Krueger

Cassandra comes to us from Illinois where she quite literally grew up in a stained glass studio (both her parents & grandparents owned studios).  She worked at a few stained glass studios before coming to ACWH in 2017.  Outside of work she enjoys hiking & planting flowers in her garden.

Greg Wignes

Greg’s Bio is COMING SOON!  Here you will learn more about where Greg is from, what he specializes in, what his background is in, and how he can help you on your stained glass journey!

Brenda Dickinson

Brenda was born and raised in Minnesota. Her daughter and son-in-law have blessed her with three grandchildren who are the loves of her life.  Brenda has worked many years in landscaping and upholstery.  Here at ACWH she most enjoys the glazing process, she loves how there is always a variety of windows and styles to work on.
Casey DeakmanStudio Manager
Cassandra KruegerMaster Craftsman
Greg WignesMaster Craftsman
Brenda DickinsonStudio Journeyman

Elizabeth Durham

Elizabeth is originally from Columbus, OH, and has been with ACWH for just over 5 years now. Before coming to the stained glass world, she spent time working with intaglio and relief printmaking, as well as film and digital photography. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and baking.

Jen Groshek

Jen’s Bio is COMING SOON!  Here you will learn more about where Jen is from, what she specializes in, what her background is in, and how she can help you on your stained glass journey!

Allison Huffman

I grew up in Michigan and went to Grand Valley State University, where I received a BFA in Studio Art with a sculpture emphasis. At ACWH, I work on selecting and ordering glass for new projects once they are designed. I do my best to keep track of all of the glass in the studio’s inventory to make sure that we have what we need.

Lori Wendt

Lori has been married for 32 years and has 2 wonderful children, a terrific daughter-in-law, and 2 beautiful grandsons. She came to ACWH just over 3 years ago, but had been dabbling in stained glass for over 30 years before coming here.
Elizabeth DurhamStudio Journeyman
Jen GroshekStudio Journeyman
Allison HuffmanStudio Journeyman
Lori WendtStudio Journeyman

Our Administration Team

Garrick Holey

Garrick has been with the ACWH team since 2006.  When Willet Hauser was purchased in 2014, he brought all of his talents to the forefront to lead both brands in his position as VP of Production where he continues to use his talents to help grow the company.

Shelby Henning

Born and raised into a family where conversation consists of business and stained glass windows, Shelby continues her family legacy.  She is now the VP of Administration where she has the opportunity to help create an engaging culture & teamwork atmosphere.

Bryce Robbins

Bryce is a lifelong learner, and subscribes fully to the philosophy of Kaizen and continuous improvement in both personal and professional spheres.  He lives with his wife and two daughters in Richmond, Virginia where they enjoy playing music, camping, and cycling.

Steven Garner

Steven’s Bio is COMING SOON!  Here you will learn more about where Steven is from, what he specializes in, what his background is in, and how he can help you on your stained glass journey!
Garrick HoleyVP of Production
Shelby PhillipsVP of Administration
Bryce RobbinsVP of Customer Experience
Steven GarnerDirector of IT

Zack Krings

Zack is originally from northern Wisconsin where he grew up remodeling and flipping houses with his parents. This is where his love for restoration and the construction industry started. Zack works with estimating and designing window frames here at ACWH.

Amanda Steine

Amanda is a Winona, MN native with a BA in Mass Communications and an undying passion for art history.  She uses her background in marketing & communications to help tell the story of ACWH.  In her free time, she loves to go to museums, cook, bake, hike, and garden.

Julie Biggerstaff

Julie is the digital archivist and is scanning the decades-old Willet Studio client files.  The physical documents are boxed up in a Legacy Box and donated to past clients showing the historical creation of their windows. ACWH has the oldest, active stained glass archive in the US!
Zack KringsEstimating Coordinator
Amanda SteineMarketing & Recruitment
Julie BiggerstaffHistorical Archivist

Our Road Team

Robert Bohannon

I live in the Phoenix, AZ area and have been in general construction both commercial and residential since 1981.  I have been doing full stained glass restoration since 1994. I have been working with the ACWH directly or indirectly since 2004 and am now the director of field production.

Mark Steele

Mark was born and raised in Iowa. He started in the stained glass industry in 1994 and has been in construction for most of his life. Here at ACWH he is considered s a jack of all trades and can do almost anything!

Caitlin Nicholson

Caitlin has a BA in Mass Communication and has a passion for logistics and customer service!  In her free time with her 2 kids she enjoys cooking, hiking, gardening and reading

Darren Belcher

Darren’s Bio is COMING SOON!  Here you will learn more about where Darren is from, what he specializes in, what his background is in, and how he can help you on your stained glass journey!
Robert BohannonDirector of Road Production
Mark SteeleSenior Production Manager
Caitlin NicholsonScheduling Manager
Darren BelcherProject Manager

Pedro Hernandez

Pedro’s Bio is COMING SOON!  Here you will learn more about where Pedro is from, what he specializes in, what his background is in, and how he can help you on your stained glass journey!

Mark Huerkamp

As a project manager I conduct stained glass restoration and preservation projects. I began designing and restoring stained glass in 2014 and joined Associated Crafts & Willet-Hauser in 2019.

Jacob Morris

Jacob’s Bio is COMING SOON!  Here you will learn more about where Jacob is from, what he specializes in, what his background is in, and how he can help you on your stained glass journey!
Pedro HernandezProject Manager
Mark HuerkampProject Manager
Jacob MorrisProject Manager

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