October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and here at Associated Crafts & Willet Hauser we are doing our part to spread that awareness and celebrate all women, of all ages, and especially the amazing women that work here in the Associated Crafts & Willet Hauser studio!

Breast Cancer Awareness – Did You Know?

  • About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.
  • In 2020, an estimated 276,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 48,530 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer.
  • For women in the U.S., breast cancer death rates are higher than those for any other cancer, besides lung cancer.

Ladies, don’t forget that early detection is key! Let us celebrate all women of all ages while raising awareness during October and beyond.

Enjoy the following interviews with some of the ladies who work in the studio!

Elizabeth Durham

Elizabeth has been with us for 3 years, and she brought her experience in a different medium (specifically printmaking and photography) not the studio. This interview we did last year while she was a Journeyman.

Cassy Krueger

Master Craftswoman Cassy Krueger has been working with stained glass for some time. Her extensive knowledge and experience creating and restoring windows have been a huge benefit to everyone here in the studio. Here’s a brief interview we did with her last year!


Julie Biggerstaff

Julie is our Digital Historical Archivist! That means she tracks and uncovers the history of the Willet side of the business, and shares that history on our Facebook page! With over a century of history to keep track of it’s quite the task and the photos, projects, and notes she’s responsible for are a treasure all their own!

You can watch more videos just like these at our Facebook and YouTube pages! We conduct interviews with the craftspeople in the studio, hold liturgical round tables, studio tours, and more!

From all of us here at the studio we hope you’re staying safe and healthy!