St. John’s Lutheran Church

Associated Craft®/Willet Hauser® Director of Art Development, Kathy Jordan’s full color designs were translated into stained glass windows for St. John’s Lutheran Church in Sacramento, CA. The century old church features an entire collection of Ford Brothers stained glass works. For a church to feature a collection of glass from one studio is unusual and rare. Aware of this, St. John’s Lutheran Church was mindful when they searched for a new studio to continue the work that the now defunct Ford Brothers had begun. Fortunately, under the direction of Kathy Jordan, Willet Hauser was able to successfully replicate the painting style found in the original windows.

Project Details

Church Name: St. John’s Lutheran Church

Location: Sacramento, CA

Year: 2017

Contact: Beatrice Favre

Phone Number: (916) 444-0874


We have had an excellent relationship and are immensely pleased with the outcome. We applaud the artistic talent of Kathy Jordan and the professionalism and cooperation of the entire staff!

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