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Associated Crafts® / Willet Hauser® can provide you with a full appraisal service that will give you a replacement cost of each window. This is very important in case of catastrophic loss. We provide this service at no cost (for churches only) as long as the church is willing to provide us with photos and sizes of each window. Associated Crafts® / Willet Hauser® strongly recommends that you download our free project guide to learn how to document your stained glass windows.

Some indicators are if you see any broken or cracked glass or if you look at the window from the inside, you see daylight coming through the frame or glass. Other signs that your windows are in need of repair are if you see any bowing or bulging of the stained glass or if the exterior of the windows are not covered. These are a few of the many possible problems. Give us a call and talk to one of our consultants – they can help you understand the condition of your windows. You can also download a free copy of our informative manual, ‘Preserving Your Stained Glass Windows

While many glass houses or contractors may be able to install protective coverings, it requires the knowledge of a stained glass expert to properly understand the types of covering and sealant to use in the installation of storm covering over stained glass windows. Incorrect storm covering installation over a stained glass can cause more damage than good.

This depends on the particular installation and the obstacles the particular project may present. Our consultants will provide you with different options and present their pros and cons to help you make an educated choice.

Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® consultants will perform some simple tests to determine the level of lead deterioration. The consultant will explain the options available for repair so that you can completely understand the windows condition. The consultant will work with you to help you select a proper scope of work for your projects specific needs and budget.

Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® craftsmen are trained in both on-site repairs as well as in-studio restoration.

No, we will work around your services and activities. We only ask that you advise us of your schedule.

Yes, we will prepare a proper quote for your project so you know exactly what it will cost to do the project correctly. We can even break the project into phases to help fit your budget. Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® can also provide some in-house financing as well as provide you with recommended names of church financing experts.

Yes, we can! Our consultants have many proven methods to help your church generate funding for your restoration and new stained glass projects. Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® can also connect you with professional fundraising services that specialize in helping churches.

We work nationwide and have strategically located facilities to better serve our clients.

Yes, we serve all churches.

Willet Stained Glass was incorporated in 1898. Hauser Art glass was incorporated in 1946. Associated Crafts was incorporated in 1997.

No, Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® is set up only to work on commercial buildings such as churches, libraries, courthouses and other public buildings. While we would like to be able to assist residential customers, it is cost prohibitive at this time.

There is no cost for an inspection from one of our highly trained consultants. We only ask that those who contact us are truly serious about their church’s stained glass project. Our consultants take pride in their work and provide each church client with the utmost attention and education.

Each consultant starts out with many hours of classroom study to understand the terms and jargon of the art. Once the classroom section is completed, each consultant will travel and work with each and every consultant in the company to learn from each. Upon completion of the first two steps, each consultant is then required to work with a project manager on each type of project in the field as well as the studio before being allowed to meet with their own clients. After full training, each consultant’s work and inspections are reviewed by the company’s owners thus insuring our clients receive the best possible scope of work available for their project.

Absolutely! We provide a 10-year guarantee against any defective workmanship.

Our trained consultants will work with you and your committee to design a scope of work and plan to fit your church’s budget. Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® will provide you with a turnkey quote for any work.

1/4 inch thick poly acrylic glazing sheet. Acrylic is 30 times more break-resistant than glass of the same thickness.

For a complete discussion on this subject, click to see what WiseGeek has written on the topic of Acrylic.

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