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Our stained glass studio, “Where Light Learns to Speak®”

New Creations

The Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser Architectural Glass studio is home to expert craftsmen who design, create, and restore environments that inspire and teach through the use of glass, color, & light. Our passion for stained glass is endless as we apply the highest levels of quality, care and experience to every job we do.


After years of exposure your stained glass windows will need repairs to bring them back to life. Our skilled craftsmen will come to your site to inspect and repair your stained glass windows. We are versed in all facets of repair and restoration and will create the proper steps to correction for your windows.

Historic Restoration

Over time there is natural wear and tear on stained glass windows, especially those that are centuries old. During historic restoration we re-lead your window by disassembling and reassembling the stained glass windows using new lead came and bracing to ensure a sound structure.


We are dedicated to the protection and conservation of your stained glass windows. Our specialists are solely devoted to preserving the beauty each window has to offer. Experienced in the restoration of stained glass we have restored some of the finest windows in the United States.


Routine inspections help to prevent serious loss and damage to your stained glass windows. During a consultation and inspection we document the current condition of your stained glass windows. Our consultant team will measure, photograph, asses, and prepare a report with cost for you and your insurance company.

Frames – New & Repair

Over time it is important to maintain and repair stained glass frames. The frame houses and stabilizes your stained glass windows. Our onsite craftsmen provide quality repairs and paint jobs to existing frames as part of the service.


Klear-Flo® Protective glazing system allows your stained glass windows to stay in pristine condition. We customize this covering to your stained glass windows to help prevent or reduce deterioration in the future. This glazing system will help to properly vent and protect your stained glass windows for years to come.


We create the finest American stained glass window designs. Our talented designers and sales consultants give you the option to choose from more than 25,000 original designs to create exactly what you want.

Free Inspection

As part of our mission to preserve America’s stained glass heritage, Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser Architectural Glass offers free inspections to document and assess the condition of your stained glass windows.

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Free Appraisal

Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser Architectural Glass  offers a replacement cost appraisal to churches, commercial buildings, insurance companies and other owners of stained glass art. We provide this service free of charge.

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