Each stained glass window is a piece of art, so why not protect that art? Without protective covering it is nearly impossible to prevent deterioration on your stained glass windows. Over the years stained glass windows face damage from natural elements, vandalism, and even loss of heat and air conditioning. At Associated Crafts® and Willet Hauser® we offer stained glass window covering to help protect your valuable art! 

Associated Crafts® and Willet Hauser® uses Klear-Flo® protective glazing system to help keep your stained glass windows in pristine condition. Klear-Flo® protective glazing system features a waterproof system that is designed to preserve and protect your stained glass windows for years to come. Without a stained glass window covering your windows will deteriorate over the years. 

Stained glass windows are often built to bring light and inner reflection into houses of worship. These windows become an integral part of the architecture of the building and are important to the church community. We don’t work only to repair deterioration; we work to prevent or reduce it from happening so the windows can continue to be enjoyed by future generations. 

Reasons You Need A Stained Glass Window Covering

Architecture stained glass – both residential and ecclesiastical – boomed during the 19th century. Today these windows are older and in need of proper protection and care. There are many ways your stained glass windows can become damaged. From weather to vandalism here a few reasons you need a protective covering system: 

  •     Tornadoesstained glass window covering protecting window
  •     Hurricanes
  •     Hail
  •     Blizzards
  •     Heavy winds
  •     Defacing of property
  •     Loss of heat and air conditioning

These are just a few examples of potential damages that can happen over time to your stained glass windows. With such risks in mind it is smart to be considering a protective stained glass window covering. Without a protective covering it is possible that natural wear and tear will deteriorate your window. This means the potential loss of a staple art piece in your religious institution, building, or home. 

How Klear-Flo® Protective Glazing System Works

Klear-Flo® protective glazing system has an in-frame ventilation system that is custom designed to each window. The ventilation system allows protection to your stained glass windows by preventing heat buildup and allowing condensation to dry out. By properly venting stained glass windows this allows the windows to age with grace instead of potential damage from hot and cold weather. 

Klear-Flo® is also designed to use the highest quality sealants. While there are plenty of inexpensive sealants on the market none offer the benefits of those used by us, Silpruf® and Dow Corning 795®. Using a cheaper sealant can actually cause more damage than protection. By using our sealants you are guaranteed to keep your stained glass art around for generations to admire. 

Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® also ensures that the protective covering placed on your windows is aesthetically pleasing. We make sure to contour the framing of your window to match the existing architectural work, allowing the existing architecture to remain dominant. Our craftsmen are prepared to customize the framing on site for your windows. The ability to contour is just one more reason why Klear-Flo® is of the highest quality and best protective covering system for your windows. If you are looking to enhance and protect your windows contact us today for your Klear-Flo® glazing system!