This month we have been highlighting the wonderful, talented women who help make Associated Crafts & Willet Hauser the premier architectural glass studio in the country, nay the World! Okay, we might sound a little high on ourselves but when you work with the kind of quality people we do it’s hard not to be! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we sat down with the wonderful people who make our studio the best in the world.

Here they are…

The Women of Stained Glass!

First we spent some time with Art Department Manager Melissa Janda! She’s a warm, caring woman who we love working with.

A lighthouse! Isn’t that something?

We have women throughout our organization including Becca Lokovich, one of our new apprentices!

Lori Wendt is another studio apprentice, this time in the glass cutting department! Here’s a little chat we had with her about her role, her time with Associated Crafts & Willet Hauser.

Jennifer Groshek has been with Associated Crafts & Willet Hauser for about a year now, working with glass as a studio apprentice!

Brenda Dickinson has been with us for over a year as a Studio Apprentice, learning all of the tricks like cementing, cutting, glazing and more!

Allison Van Pelt is an Assistant Designer and Colorist here at Associated Crafts & Willet Hauser. Let’s see why she loves working at the studio!

Elizabeth Durham is a Journeyman at the studio. She has brought a life of art to the studio.

Suzanne Redpenning is another Journeyman at the studio. To become a Journeyman, someone must complete their two-year apprenticeship, showing their knowledge and experience in the art.

Cassy Krueger is a Master Craftsman – meaning she has extensive knowledge and experience creating and restoring stained glass windows. She’s also had an interesting home growing up!

Let’s take a detour out of the studio and meet with some of the staff, without whom, we couldn’t operate like we do.

After spending years in Texas (meeting a plethora of famous folks – you’ll have to watch to find out!) Joni Scharr is with us here in Winona helping make the day to day run smoothly.

Every office needs a Pam! Our Office Manager Pam Hamre has been with the company since 1980!

Julier Biggerstaff is our Digital Historical Archivist! That means she tracks and uncovers the the history of the Willet side of the business, and shares that history on our Facebook page!

There are many more wonderful women working with us here at the studio and we’ll be sharing more about them on our Facebook as well. We are so proud of the people, the artists, the staff, everyone who comes into the Associated Crafts & Willet Hauser family.