Part of any successful project is knowing exactly what you are dealing with right from the beginning. It is no different for us at Willet Hauser® & Associated Crafts® working with stained glass. Having a solid inspection process improves the odds for success by delivering a clear foundational understanding of everything we need to know. This time on the Willet Hauser® & Associated Crafts® blog: our Inspection Process!

Stained glass windows require maintenance to preserve their original beauty and structural integrity. Damage can often occur as a result of environmental factors, vandalism, or just downright age. Although your windows may look as though they are in good condition there are details the untrained eye cannot see. There may be damage to the frames, protective covering, lead came or glass itself, which could lead to catastrophic loss down the line.

Inspection – More Than Just a Look

Windows are carefully measured during an inspection.

Here at Willet Hauser® & Associated Crafts® we understand the need to educate each client on the art of stained glass. Many of our clients have never had to deal with purchasing a stained glass window let alone repairing or restoring one! They’ve been in their community’s buildings for decades and it’s only now as the person moves up to a place in the church to help manage it or after a bad storm that they have to worry about their works of art. And their first thought is usually, “How expensive is this going to be? Can our church afford that? Is it worth it?”

That’s why we do our best to make the process as easy and illuminating as possible.

Two Options

Our number one goal is to ensure that our prospective clients have an inspection done on their windows, no matter what. That’s why we offer two different pathways to do an inspection, whichever fits the needs and comfort level of the prospective client.

In-Person Inspection

The first is an on-site inspection program with a professional consultant. Willet Hauser® & Associated Crafts® sends out our consultant, who travels to your site to inspect and document the stained glass windows. The consultant will take photos and measurements of the windows, documenting the current condition of the stained glass. While there, our consultants can answer any question you may have and in the process help you design the proper scope of work for the project. 

With this information gathered, we then provide you with a comprehensive, full report on the project including the scope of work and a replacement cost appraisal. This information is hugely beneficial for insurance and restoration purposes. If the window is damaged or destroyed in a storm or disaster, having proper documentation from experts like Willet Hauser® & Associated Crafts® will help.

In addition to the documentation, you will have the technical and artistic information necessary to restore or replicate the window – without it restoring a window to its original state before it was destroyed can be impossible

Online Appraisal Tool

Because our goal is to help every church, building, and community have the proper documentation for their works of art, we offer an online appraisal tool – free of charge! Using this simple tool, you can enter and submit the basic information of the window, including size, description, and photos of each piece for appraisal. We will then prepare a custom, complimentary replacement appraisal for your stained glass windows and send it back to you. This info is designed to verify your insurance coverage, and will also act as documentation of the windows in the event of a catastrophic loss.

Most importantly, both of these methods are provided FREE OF CHARGE. We want these works of art to last for centuries and providing complimentary inspections and appraisals will help keep them around. If you have a stained glass window that needs documentation, schedule an inspection or use our online appraisal tool today! The sooner it is performed the faster you’ll have peace of mind, so reach out to our stained glass studio today!