Pass on your legacy of stained glass. We connect institutions selling stained glass to those who need it.

No building stands forever. We care deeply about preserving the legacy of stained glass. If your building is closing and you are no longer in need of your stained glass windows we help connect you with a potential buyer who will cherish these works of art for years to come.

Pricing in the used stained glass market is unique. The market is practical, featuring hand-painted work from higher quality studios. Stained glass windows are valued for their quality, age, history, and artist.

The resale of stained glass windows is going to accelerate in upcoming decades. Many of the finest masterpieces will find new homes in residences, museums, religious institutions, and commercial buildings. Relocating existing stained glass windows from one location to another is a wonderful way to keep the beauty of these art pieces alive.

We Handle Everything For You

Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® makes it easy for you to repurpose your stained glass windows. We help you sell your windows by meeting with you and the buyer. We will make the process as easy as possible by handling the removal, restoration, frames, and re-installation into the new location. We take care of the entire execution for you.

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Call today to speak with us: 800.533.3960